About Us


At Curated Grey we source and curate unique and sought-after home decor, sterling silver and real gold plated jewellery, hand crafted accessories and a range of baby & children's clothing & accessories.

The store is ever evolving and the collections are frequently refreshed but our product categories and main focus are currently as follows...


House & Home

Curated Grey homeware is a unique and modern mix of clean minimalist Scandinavian design and handmade artisan bohemian pieces. The clean defined lines of Scandinavian design are warmed up with neutral colour tones and rustic textures. 



Curated Grey source modern sterling silver jewellery using real 18k yellow and rose gold plating. Most pieces have a slightly minimal aesthetic with a sleek and polished finish. An organic textured polished collection uses naturally irregular freshwater baroque pearls. Cubic zirconia stones are used on select pieces for a touch of sparkle. A tarnish free stainless steel jewellery collection is also new to the store and features waterproof real gold plating which will not fade or tarnish.


Women's Accessories

Curated Grey source beautiful handmade bags, baskets, belts and hairbands using natural materials like straw, bamboo and raffia. Or materials that give the look of natural materials. We use a largely neutral colour palette with a touch of black and monochrome.


Baby & Children

Curated Grey source a selection of baby & children's clothing with both Scandinavian and Korean influences. We also stock various accessories including footwear, hats and bags.